Listed Date 29 Nov 2016

Address Unit 4203, 42/F,
Tower one Lippo Centre,
89 Queensway,
Admiralty, Hong Kong

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Minshang Creative Technology Holdings Limited established the first Viet's Choice restaurant in WanChai in 2003 and we gradually managed to develop our restaurants network in a steady pace. Food Wise currently operates 20 restaurants in 14 of the 18 districts in Hong Kong, of which, 3 are located on the Hong Kong Island, 5 are located in Kowloon and 12 are located in the New Territories. In addition, all of our restaurants are strategically located in convenient locations that have easy access by public transportation system, and majority of our restaurants are located close to residential areas. The standardised restaurant operations and management procedures are one of the keys to our success in the restaurant business, which have provided us with the platform to leverage on economies of scale, to control our operational costs and to maximise our profitability.

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